About us


Our story began in 2003, a sort of challenge to make an abandoned land productive and fertile again. The area where the structure is located is known as “Ceddhe”, and it was already known in the mid-1800s in France for its grapes.

In a land of about 12 hectares there were three structures, in ruins and covered by every type of vegetation, that were of considerable importance for the peasants of the Feud of Salve.

Dimore Ceddhe Comera 3
Dimore Ceddhe Comera 2
Dimore Ceddhe Comera 1
The structures had particular characteristics, in each one still stood the central core with the barrel vault, in all cases the roofs of the side wings had collapsed, but the holes left by the large wooden beams that supported the sloping thatched roofs remained evident. wood. Gradually deforesting the walls, huge stones were found, they were excavated in the center with drains on the sides, a proof to discover that in the past they had been used for the production of wine, so called “parmenti”.
dimora pesco esterno

The conservative restructuring has allowed us to preserve the signs of the past, trying to keep the original plan of these precious testimonies of Salento’s rural history as unaltered as possible, while also preserving the hand-dug “a micco” as well, in which there is still today spring water.

The outdoor spaces offer boundlesses views, over 2 hectares of vineyards, a large vegetable garden with seasonal vegetables, and in the southernmost part of our land, a large field for the production of Senatore Cappelli wheat with which to prepare Pasticciotti, fresh pasta or flat bread.